Teriyaki Boys

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Teriyaki Boys

We spent a week mobbing Tokyo 12 deep. They are super strict on street skating, so I spent a lot of time taking photos instead. Heres a hand full of my favorite ones.

Real life mario kart, worlds biggest fish market, this crazy robot restaurant, I got put in the police box, a really cool airbnb, NikeSB Dojo private park, cleanest city in the world, some really cool temples, a lot of rice, this one ramen spot we made a 45 minute journey to, BAPE, some Nigerian dudes almost fighting John and Cale, a batting cage, visual art museum, seven eleven's, and like 10 drunk Americans. To say the least, a pretty interesting week. One of the most (probably the most) eye opening and fun trips I've ever been on. Everyone needs to do what they can to go at least once. Thank You everyone that made this week what it was, till next time.


(hit da link boys n girls)



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