Friends of Jav

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Friends of Jav

Adam Barousse sat down Devin and asked him some questions about the trip.

cover photo by Trey Abrams (@38visuals_)



I heard the sleeping arrangements were interesting, tell me about that


Devin: well there weren't enough spots. There was 8 of us and we could only sleep 7 so 1 person had to sleep on the floor every night. That's what brought up the point system. The person with the least amount of points had to sleep on the floor that night. Getting a clip was 1 point, filming a clip was half a point, and carrying the camera bag all day was worth half a point.


So who slept on the floor the most?


Devin: Ant hands down..he was cool with it but I felt bad cause he kept losing haha..poor guy


Who was the MVP?


Devin: Gavin or Alex. Gavin I think got the most clips but Alex would just bust some shit and it would get you so hyped.


What was the worst part of the trip?


Devin: I fucking hate carrying the camera bag all day that shit sucks


Who got messed with the most on the trip?


Devin: Oh Gavin..that's not even a question. He just got clowned on the whole time


Why is the video called friends of Jav?


Devin: It's friends of Jav(haav). Our airbnb host gave us a big list of everything for the place we needed to know, so he was going through it all and at the end of his speech said, "and if anyone asks, you're not airbnb guests…you're friends of Jav"


Did anyone ask?


Devin: No haha


Did Macklyn's east coast steez help you to meet the locals?


Devin: Oh yeah for sure, he brought the locals, plus he's partially local. And it still looks like he lives there


No one really takes too much initiative to film, was it hard for you to get clips?


Devin: Yeah I don't ever get to skate as much as much as I would like but it's cool cause it all comes to something in the end. So it's worth it but in the moment it kind of sucks sometimes. But people did help out more this time for sure


Did you see any "mole people" in the subways?


Devin: No mole people unfortunately..I was looking though


Some of the craziest people on the planet come from NYC, did you see anything memorable while you were there?


Devin: Oh there's a whole bunch of tweakers without a doubt. There was this spot we were at and this granny came and wasn't too happy about what we were skating and tried to stand in the way and some dude went to do his trick and just shoulder checked the old lady. Dude didn't give a shit


Anything you regret not doing while you were there?


Devin: Ummm…


OK anything you regret DOING while you were there?


Devin: Probably could've eaten a lot cheaper..but thats pretty hard with fire spots right next to the crib. Acai bowls got me everyday


Who do you think was the cutest boy on the trip?


Devin: Macklyn. That's a handsome mother fucker right there


What was your favorite clip that anyone got?


Devin: Alex did this crazy ollie over this flat gap. It was a quick ollie up and another olllie up and a huge ollie down a flat gap. It was so jacked, but you can't tell how sick it is on film.


See a lot of rats over there?


Devin: Duuude..the first day we saw one that was the size of a chihuahua. They normally have a little pitter patter sound of there feet but this one sounded like a horse galloping.


All the boys at Rukus killed it in NYC on or off the board and anyone who gets the privilege of hanging around these guys, especially on a trip, is bound to have the time of their life with stories to come back with. Don't be afraid to come skate with the guys at Rukus anytime. They will welcome you with open arms.



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