Centro Report Volume I

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Centro Report Volume I

The Centroplex is Baton Rouge's most iconic skate spot. We were thinking about it and realized no one has ever made a video thats just centered around Centro. So almost every Sunday for the past 6 months the boys been getting it in. Here is the result.




Where do I even start. The Centroplex is the most iconic spot in Baton Rouge. From kids skating street for the first time to pros on their way to another city, this plaza has seen more skateboarding than you could imagine. The remember Ronnie showing me Nyjah's line in his element 'Twigs' part there. I think theres also a clip of a super young Tyler Bledsoe doing a realllllllly long manual kicklip on a ledge that they recently tore down. Then theres that clip in Krooked's LSD video, 5050 the 5 stair that doubled as a ledge firecracker down. On top of that theres countless minutes of footage from local legends like Kyle Cox, Jordan Trahan, and Fred Simonson (just to name a few) that I've probably never seen. The point is, this spot has been around for ages and one after another each generation seems to gravitate back to it. The more I skate it the more fun it becomes. I used to dread going there. The slick bricks, the rounded ledges, the uneven ground at the top of the stairs. All these things used to bum me out. I don't know if it's age or just being more comfortable on a skateboard, but now I embrace these things. It makes it more rewarding to land anything, not to mention getting a clip. The plaza is the hidden gem of the south, on Sunday's you can kick it here all day with the boys and no one will bother you, at night you can come on a mission and get as long as you want. It's a playground. If you haven't been, go. 


  1. Deemster Dave Deemster Dave

    Great video, ending line was impeccable.

    Although Centroplex is certainly a better spot in the traditional sense, I would strongly argue the Chase wall is the most iconic spot in Baton Rouge (and possibly Louisiana for that matter). It is a very unique beauty of transistion plopped smack center in an urban grid. As far as coverage, the classic shot of Ray Barbee and friends simultaneously riding one out is nothing short of phenomenal:


    You also have Dill hitting it in his magnum opus Photosynthesis section, albeit a snippet shot on (of course) super 8.

    Finally there are endless youtube clips of people trying to drop in it. I think Fred Gall (and some locals as well?) pulled it off.

    Anyway I do love classic skate plazas and fortunately Baton Rouge has one as well as the unique wall just a few blocks away.

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